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Caitlin Parks

Caitlin Parks is an illustrator, printmaker, and art educator. She is a co-owner of Underway Studio – a screen print collective based in South London, where she works and collaborates. Her work is inspired by nature, travel, architecture, and narrative. Using drawing, photography, and collage she creates vivid, atmospheric screen prints that explore the world around us. Textures and colour play an important role in her aesthetic as do the endless possibilities and mishaps that come with silk screen as a process.


Ross Sea - The Last Ocean


Where on this planet is still truly wild? 

Humans have invaded so much of the natural world, that it is rare to find somewhere that they do not occupy. And yet, we still know so little about our oceans and seas.


The Ross Sea is a vast area of ocean near Antarctica that has been officially protected since 2016. It is one of the last remaining areas of wilderness on our planet. Largely untouched by humans, this water is home to a wide selection of flora and fauna including a variety of penguins and whales. It remains almost entirely free from pollution and disturbance from human activities.


“It's one of these rare places where humans are only visitors and large animals rule.” Enric Sala 

Ross Sea.jpg
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