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Art Brussels, Belgium

For this first presentation for Gallery 1957 at Art Brussels, I was very proud and happy to present the works of Zak Ové, Tegene Kunbi, Aplerh-Doku Borlabi and Adjei Tawiah.

It was a roller-coaster of an experience, being able to present such amazing artist to a scene quite in discovery of African and Caribbean art, but also a slap in the face to realise that we have not quite made it yet. I love sharing knowledge, exchange on the subject with the public and understand different views on the subject. We received such wonderful feedback on how artworks exhibited transpired of joy and colours and were very inspiring. 

Being right in the middle of the stage of West African and Caribbean art, I tend to forget that the world has not yet entirely accepted us. It is a slow growing change that I believe we are bringing in the Western world, but I do no see it as impossible.

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@Nicola Morittu

@Nicola Morittu

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@Nicola Morittu

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