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Plurality Now: 
New Futures

Plurality Now is a project in creation. This is the first iteration of an exhibition series exploring the complexicity and multifaceted understanding of identity in diasporas. 


Plurality Now New Futures is a group exhibition gathering 7 London-based artists exploring the multifaceted concept of identity for second and third generation of Black and Asian immigrants. The angle will be of an identity continuum, an idea that identity is, in the words of Stuart Hall, "never complete, always in process" and in “constant transformation, transcending time and space”. Focusing on cultural identity, we aim to look at each individual’s experience as valuable as the common experience for people of colour in the journey of discovering and understanding one’s identity and heritage in a globalised and immensely multicultural world. The show will explores the sense of displacement and/or the difficulty of belonging: when one is found in-between spaces, in-between peoples, countries, and cultures. We seek to shed light on this feeling that makes one's question their own identity and comprehend the evolution of it into something new and different, blended. This show will highlight the importance of acknowledging the past while looking forward, and forging the now.

When identity becomes plural, how do these conditions and ideas shape the new and the future of those communities?

This project is a personal one. Being of mixed heritage, I connect deeply with the subject of identity and the constant search to make sense out of it. The conception of this exhibition has been 2 years of hard thinking to bring to light and gathering the courage to do it. I want to touch not only the Black community but at large all people of colour who found themselves in-between cultures, countries, peoples, with a feeling of displacement or this deep feeling of not belonging. I wish to open dialogue on this subject and be able to find an answer, if not a path towards it. I wish not to forget the past but acknowledge it, accept it, and go forward with it.

To make this happen, I have started a Crowdfunder to be able to pay all artists and participants fairly, as well as for the organisations of talks and workshops, and the rental of the space. The event will happen at the198 Gallery in Herne Hill (London, UK) for a period of two weeks in September. This project aims to give voice to first to third generations of Black and Asian immigrants and celebrate plurality in diaspora identity through art, talks and workshops, by showcasing visual artists and building partnerships with collaborators.


Yvadney Davis

Kay Gasei

Shumaiya Khan

Xavier Leopold

Max Limbu

Katasha Rose

Jade They


Donate here

If you wish to support the project, please donate at the link below where you will be able to read more information about who's involved. If you cannot donate, I would love you to share this link with people you would find have an interest in the subject and event. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for reading and your time spent on this post. All fund raised will go towards the goal of the event and the next iteration of this exhibition series.

Donate here

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