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New Job at Gallery 1957

In January 2022 I have started a new position at Gallery 1957 as a Gallery assistant. I am honoured to be part of the team in London and be able to represent and empower artists of colours to have a platform to express themselves.

My role enables me to learn a lot about the modus operandi of a private art Gallery and the work that comes behind the scenes. I am currently updating their website and enhance the visuals and content of it. The exciting part is to update/ create artists' CV and portfolio which makes me learn a lot about the artists themselves but also about many different art Gallery and art spaces around the world and their programme. 

I have the chance to attend private views and encounter major actors in the art world such as Ekow Eshun (curator, writor and Chair of Fourth Plinth in London) or Aki Abiola (collector and on board of Tate Committee). This position has already opened many doors for me and it will soon be announced on my website.

Keep your eyes peeled.


Photo: @Zerrin Asir

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