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Miriam Luehrs

Miriam Luehrs is a freelance Illustrator and Printmaker. Miriam’s Illustration work is a playful exploration of the everyday life using anthropomorphized characters, primarily animals, to revisit the ways in which urban society interacts. She likes to incorporate humour and fun to create a dynamic and detailed image. Miriam finds great inspiration in the natural world and is fascinated by animals of all kind. She likes to explore different ways of illustrating through different mediums of image making such as ceramics, printmaking, drawing and painting.

The critically endangered Blue-throated Macaw is facing threats of poaching for the pet trade and habitat loss. Protecting important habitats for the macaw to prevent deforestation of key roosting and feeding sites tackles the threat of habitat loss and providing safe nest boxes and ranger patrols helps to prevent poachers from stealing chicks.

With help from supporters including the World Land Trust, Asociación Armonía has created a 27,100-acre (11,000 ha) reserve which has become a safe haven for Blue-throated Macaws by protecting food resources and, hopefully, nest sites. Because of the loss of suitable trees for nesting, Armonía began installing nest boxes in 2009.


Blue-Throated Macaw, Before


Blue-Throated Macaw, After


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