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Among the Trees at the Hayward Gallery

My love for #nature is unmeasurable. I am one of those who find #peace in deserted land, #beauty in messy and #untamed landscape,and escapism in the sounds of leaves and waves.

Among the Trees at the Hayward Gallery have the capacity to take you somewhere. Photographs, prints, paintings and #installations are eerie and remind the unknown and sometimes scary sides of nature and others can be playful, #colourful and majestically beautiful.

The exhibition is, in a time of climate change, a reminder of the importance of nature to us and our survival. It paints our relationship with #trees whether good or bad, showing the #peaceful power of nature and our disastrous and devastating impact on forests.

Two pieces stays with me Eija-Liisa Ahtila's video Horizontal - Vaakasuora (2011) of a very tall fir tree, shown to one side so we can realise the immensity of it. Sounds of wind and birds accompany the piece, only the smell was missing. As the exhibition was quiet, this #artwork really created a oneiric #atmosphere.

The second piece was cardboard sculpture of a #forest. The work conveys of a deepness and he reality of the forest. The artist used real branches for the top of the #sculpture which reinforce this effect of illusion.

The exhibition Among the Trees is an immersive one and shows various portrayal of trees in their natural habitat, or urban #environment, our impact on them and how they help us whether it be to bring calm to our mind or breathe.

About the gallery:

Southbank Centre,

Belvedere Rd, Bishop's,

London SE1 8XX

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