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Curating in the Caribbean, 2012

edited by David A. Bailey, Alissandra Cummins, Axel Lapp, and Allison Thompson. The GreenBox.

A nice and concise book bringing together 9 essays on curation in the Caribbean. This publication present case studies, personal experience, projects and criticism on the subject. Raising and showing the existence of artists and curators living and working in the Caribbean, the theme of curatorship is approached through different angles and practices, and different islands in the French, English and Spanish speaking Caribbean countries.


José Manuel Noceda Fernández (Cuba)

Claire Tancons (Guadeloupe)

Barbara Prézeau Stephenson (Haiti)

Sara Hermann (Dominican Republic)

Krista A. Thompson (Bahamas),

Winston Kellman (Barbados),

Jennifer Smit (Curaçao),

Dominique Brebion (Martinique)

Veerle Poupeye (Jamaica)

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