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Faith Ringgold at the Serpentine Gallery, 2019

There is only one week until the Faith Ringgold show ends at the Serpentine gallery, London. Ringgold was born in 1930 in #Harlem. She has been introduced to art from a very young age as being born right after the Harlem Renaissance, a movement that introduced African American intellectuals, artists, and musicians to a lot of attention.

Faith Ringgold is a #painter, #writer and #artist activist. Her art is always related to her struggles such as social inequalities, feminism or racial tension in #America, but also the cultural side of African American communities. The artist tackles these subjects in her political work as a general criticism, other people's experiences but also as personal narrative.

Ringgold spans her practice on multiple #media and is best known for her narrative quilts, a talent that she inherited from her mother who herself got it passed on by her mother.

This exhibition is her first European solo show, which can come across as very surprising given her amazing talent. It is spanning 50 years of her works, chronologically and thematically displayed.

To me the most amazing works in this exhibition are from the American Collection series, 'We came to America' (bottom left of this text section) and 'The Flag is bleeding'(left) depicting a very strong message of racial tensions problems in America, the violence of the slave trade and false promises from the American government. The second one is still on the subject of racial tension but also questions of the place of women in the Black Power movement.

Depicting people of different shades of colour, Faith Ringglods depict not only African communities in America but also the diaspora.


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