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Harmonia Rosales, the Black Renaissance

The first thing that I thought when I saw Harmonia Rosales' work was 'this looks like #Renaissance, but in a Black version: a Black Renaissance'. And I think she translates her message very clearly and straightforwardly with the representation of Black bodies in revisited Renaissance paintings and techniques.

All of her paintings are executed with #perfection and she masters the style impressively. The Afro-Cuban artist explores the Renaissance with a #contemporary view, and puts the black woman as a central part of her work. This unusual mix defies the vision of white male gaze and as a result gives black women a #powerful image. It is a #celebration of self love and a #revolution against a 'primarily a white male hierarchy and the idealized subordinated woman immersed in Eurocentric conception of beauty.'.

As a child, Hamronia used to like this classical style but never managed to relate or feel any real connection with it. Today, thourgh her practice, Harmonia Rosales breaks the missing link. Her work stands as a revolution, a reaffirmation of black women's power and their unquestionable beauty in all shapes. Furthermore, being an Afro-Cuban artist, Rosales brings a touch of her own culture in each painting which gives it this very special style that only her can master.

I have discovered her on instagram and instantly fell in love at the first glance of her paintings. I strongly recommend you to have a look at Harmonia's work and who she is. Find all info below.

All pictures belong to the artist



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