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Miles Johnston, the master of surreal art

It is on #instagram that I had the utmost pleasure to discover Miles Johnston. What strokes me the most when I first came across his works was the astounding #realism in his representation of characters. Whether he uses graphite or oil painting, his work rendering is astonishing and the work on #light absolutely incredible. The mix of realistic characters with #surrealistic distorted reality around them is pleasantly #disturbing.

Every single one of his art work opens to another dimension and will definitely make you feel something out of the ordinary.

“Instead of focusing on literal representations of the world, I depict the surreal and abstract qualities of our subjectivity with the goal of creating works with a deep emotional resonance.”

Miles Johnston was born in 1993 in England but lived his early years in Borneo, Indonesia. This different kind of environment gave him another vision of what we call normality. He lived the rest of his childhood and teenage years in Hampshire where he participated in art forums and studied art for 5 years. He then left for Sweden to study at the Swedish Academy of Realist art at the age of 18, where he now teaches. Most of his works depict human beings in a situation of transformation, experiencing “our internal state during crucial moments in our lives”.

Check his account and website, he sells some of the original art work and limited edition prints of some of his works.

all images belong to the artist



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