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Roanna Holmes-Frodsham

Roanna, Ro Ho Fro, grew up in West Wales but has spent the last four years in South London, and studied at Camberwell College of Art.


Roanna’s latest films depict affective scenes of loss, lamentation, and melancholia. The characters traverse harsh landscapes which are exacerbated by the use of sound, howling wind gives a brevity and scale to the work as the characters are not just at the mercy of each other but the elements themselves. The installation reflects upon the props used in the film by staging the film within a theatrically inspired set.


She believes that in times of despair, fiction becomes as important as reality, and the two work through metaphors to save what is being swept away. It is hard to communicate something which holds no set form, and it is then that she use archaic signs for loss and pain, derived from paintings such as The Lamentation of Christ, a visual language to help explain the uncertain.


When the world becomes a constant reflection of the heart, the skies descend in empathetic rain. The soul gathers everything, the landscape, the harsh weather, your broken words and memories. The sea knows, the skies in its waters know, the clouds drip on the leaves and it all rests in the earth.

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