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Tom Scotcher

Tom Scotcher is a South London based artist from Brighton. His practice includes painting, printmaking, drawing and calligraphy. His subject is mainly inspired from nature in the urban environment and around the home. Tom recalls his walks in the parks and woods as a child. His parents had a wandering imagination and transferred this childlike enthusiasm and adventurous spirit onto Tom from a very young age. This year 2020 Tom Scotcher was selected and participated to the Portrait Artist of the Year on Sky TV.


For this exhibition Tom Scotcher presents two paintings. They both depict him in a closed environment surrounded by plants or accompanied by a hint of a leaf. During the start of lockdown, Tom started treated his house like a greenhouse, as it is said that a humid environment can help when you suffer from asthma. What you see in these two paintings are Tom's immediate surroundings. Escaping geometrical forms with light and life representation, and depicting the life outside through a translucent window, Tom is illustrating nature as a healing process, a companion to humans in their endeavours in personal life.

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